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We Are That Little Art Studio on West 10th.

Our children’s art studio opened in Feb 2005 and is located at 10th & Alma.

Our program follows 4Cats pedagogy founded on building a world that encourages a love of art, beauty & learning, an environment of kindness & happiness, a studio where we all work together in a beautiful, professional & artistic space.

Throughout the program, students can explore a variety of mediums, which encourages a love of learning, independence, creativity & artistic flow.

Students create NEW projects each session, they are guided by our talented instructors, using professional art supplies & are encouraged to engage in talks about inspirational artists.

Kits at 10th & Alma

3730 W 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 2G4





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Meet Your Team

A group of friends & artists working together for the love of art.


Kyleigh has been a Kitsilano resident since 2010. Before moving to Vancouver she completed a Bachelor of the Arts degree from the University of Toronto and a diploma in Art and Art History from Sheridan College of Art and Design. Kyleigh loves working with children and artists and has been on the 4Cats planning team since 2016. She loves training new teachers and meeting new families who love what we do! She is known to be incessantly positive and her nickname at the studio is Kyleigh Smiley.

Marielle Rosky

Marielle Rosky hails from Los Angeles, California and has lived in British Columbia since 2013 after completing a Bachelor’s degree from Quest University studying Arts for Social Change. Marielle is a cozy homebody and loves to care for plants, tend a beautiful vegetable garden, paint on rainy days while listening to jazz, and cook fancy fun meals and treats (including pastel coloured french macarons!). Marielle loves to create stories through images, using clay, painting, sketching, animation, collage, or any other medium! Marielle believes storytelling is healing work and wants to share that with the world!


“Talented Teresa” is a truly talented artist and painting instructor here at 4Cats Kitsilano! Teresa completed her Fine Arts degree at Emily Carr University of Art + Design with a focus in painting. She was born in Ecuador and developed a deep love for art and film at a very young age. Teresa also enjoys sharing her knowledge and passion with the children here at 4Cats. Her kind, warm and playful nature brings joy to everyone she meets!

Artwork Status

Please Note: We aim to fire clay in order of date but sometimes this is not possible due to space in the kiln or thickness of the art pieces. Clay pieces may need up to 3 weeks to dry.

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